Terms and Conditions

Inspect your boxes of test strips that you would like to sell. Make sure they are factory sealed, not damaged and have at least 10 months left before expiration date for full value. Boxes with 6 to 10 months will payout 50%.
We cannot accept boxes with less then 6 months
left on expiration date .If you send Damaged boxes they may be Discarded NO Pay Out
We will remove and destroy all prescription labels to protect your personal information. Any damage to boxes may greatly lower the value or disqualify your products. Removing labels yourself almost always damages the boxes. PLEASE LET US DO IT !
All prices are assuming the boxes of test strips are in sealed boxes and in excellent condition. What we can actually pay you may fluctuate due to condition of your boxes, expiration dates and market conditions.
More cash for test strips  guarantee the quoted value of my test strips? We do inspect every box, and values may be adjusted if we receive your test strips in poor condition. We only accept factory sealed boxes of test strips in good condition. We cannot accept boxes of strips that are less than 6 months from expiring. 
 The prices we quote will be reduced 
Most likely by 50% if the boxes of strips are damaged, written on, show severe signs of wear, have areas torn off due to tape, etc. when we receive them. Please keep this in mind.  Do Not send us super damaged or supershort expiration date boxes. There will be no payout. We do not offer returns. 
We cannot accept any strips that are provided to you through Medicaid or Medicare.
Before Offering us your test Strips and Supplies
The goal of this site is for us to build a working relationship with our clients by purchasing extra Diabetic test strips that would otherwise go to waste. 
Please do NOT sell supplies that you need. By using this site; it will mean you agree to the below Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, 

 If you have any questions feel free to call us 310-892-2808  THANK YOU