Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you pay me?

Please have a look at our pricing calculator and if you have any further questions feel free to call us at 1-310-892-2808 or send us an email morecashforteststrips@Gmail

Do you also buy meters, insulin or any other diabetic supplies?

No, we only buy the products you see on our pricing list

How and when will I be paid for the supplies I send you?

We pay via PayPal within 24 hours or check by mail. Checks are typically mailed out within one business day after receiving your package.
Your check will arrive within 2-6 business days,  But may take longer depending on the Postal Service.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. When you request to sell us your supplies we mail you a package at our own expense, containing a return package and a prepaid shipping label. You do not incur any shipping costs when dealing with us whatsoever.

Should I remove prescription labels on the boxes before I send them to you?

No. We will remove prescription labels in a way that does not damage the boxes, and destroy the label to protect your privacy. Feel free to use a magic marker to mark through identifying information if you’d like, but do not attempt to remove the label yourself as damage caused to the box by improper removal may disqualify your submission.

Can I sell diabetic supplies that are expired, damaged or used?

No, we do not pay for expired, damaged or used supplies.

My question isn’t listed above, now what?

If we have not addressed your question above, please call us at 1-310-892-2808 or send us an email  morecashforteststrips@Gmail.com