Sell Bayer Contour Next Test Strips 7311 Qty 50

Bayer Contour Next Test Strips 7311 Qty 50


Bayer Contour Next Test Strips 7311 Qty 50

Contour Next Test Strips offer a simple solution for your testing needs with no coding technology; prove accuracy, Fast test time and small blood sample. Second Chance sampling allows you to apply more bloods which may help to prevent wasting Contour test strips and may help to save money.

NOTE To receive full price for your Bayer Contour Next Test Strips Boxes
must have 10 months or more on expiration date
an boxes in mint condition.

Boxes with 7 to 9 months left on expiration date will be 1/2 price

Boxes would dings and small paper missing will be 1/2 price

We do not buy damaged or boxes with less than 7 months on expiration date

Please allow us to remove the prescription label off your diabetic test strip boxes we will destroy them for you

Sell your diabetic strips to More Cash For Test Strips. Business hours are 930 to 630 Pacific time Monday to Friday have questions call or text 310-892-2808