Sell Diabetic Test Strips Online

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 06AM

Diabetic Test Strips Online

More Cash For Test Strips it’s a good choice to Sell Diabetic diabetic supplies.

Did you know that you can sell diabetic test strips online? Well, now you do! If you have any unused test strips that you no longer need, which is common after switching testers, you can sell them online for some much needed extra cash. not only offers to buy your unused test strips at the best rate in the industry, but also requires sellers to follow a simple three step sales process.

Read on below to find out why you should sell test strips to, as well as a detailed breakdown of how to go about it.

Why Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

There are many reasons why you should sell your unused test strips to, including:

• Provide Affordable Test Strips To Other Diabetics: By selling your unused diabetic test strips to, you get to ensure that patients who cannot afford to buy test strips from traditional retailers can access them from another source at reduced prices.

• Highly Rated: is a highly rated website offering honest and dependable services to all of their clients. They have an A rating from Better Business Bureau and a 5 start rating from trust pilot.

• Long List Of Accepted Brands: As the best place to sell test strips online, the website, which strives to serve as many clients as possible, accepts a huge selection of brands including Humulin insulin, Freestyle, Contour next, One Touch Vireo, Contour, One Touch Ultra, Dexcom G6, Omni pods, Accu check Aviva plus and Freestyle lite.

• Highest Payout Available: In addition to buying a long list of test strip brands, the website also offers the best prices in the industry. Sellers are even encouraged to shop around and compare the prices offered with other sources to verify this fact. More importantly, all payouts are made in just a day.

• Great Customer Service: To ensure that all sellers enjoy a smooth process, strives to provide great customer service. Their website includes various helpful resources including a comprehensive FAQ section. Sellers can also get their issues resolved by sending an email, text or contacting the service via telephone or social media.

• Eco-Friendly: Selling your test strips is a great way for you to recycle unused test strips and save the environment from unnecessary waste.

• Fast Shipping: Fast and free shipping ensures that sellers get their money as fast as possible.

• Earn Extra Cash: Selling unused diabetic testing strips that you no longer need puts more cash in your pocket. You can use the proceeds to meet the cost of the new test kits recommended by your physician.

• Functional Website 24/7: With an easy to use website that is fully functional round the clock, selling your unused test kits simple and straightforward.

How To Sell Diabetic Test Strips Online

Selling your diabetic test strips is as simple as following three simple steps when dealing with Simply fill out the necessary form, pack the test kit boxes you wish to sell in the free postage packaging provided and get paid!

To ensure that you get paid once you sell diabetic test strips to, be sure to follow all the detailed instructions on the website. For starters, all the diabetic test kits must be packed in factory sealed boxes. Any test kits sent in open or damaged boxes will not be accepted.

Secondly, the expiry of the test kits must be no less than 10 months away. 50 percent of the current price is offered for any packs that are 7 to 9 months of the expiration date. No payment will be made for damaged boxes regardless of the expiration date of the test strips therein. Similarly, no payment will be made for any boxes whose expiry date is just six months away.

The pricing of each brand, used to calculate your final payout, is determined by market fluctuations as well as the interplay of the forces of demand and supply.

Here’s the step by step process followed when it comes to selling diabetic test strips online:

Request Free Shipping Kit

Once you decide to sell test strips, you will need to start by requesting a free shipping kit by completing the form on the price list page. On this page you will find a long list of diabetic test strips; almost all of the brands available on the market. While the seller is allowed to enter more than one brand in the form, you are required to match the box color and name.

After entering all the necessary information in the form, you can submit a request for free shipping.

Send Your Packed Box

Within 1 to 5 days of receiving the request, will send a free postage mailing label or kit. Priority shipping is provided to ensure swift service. All the unused boxes that meet the requirements outlined above should be packed and dropped off at the post office for delivery to More Cash For Test Strips. Once the package is received, the order will be verified.

Get Paid Instantly

If everything is in order, the payment to the seller is sent in a day.

Bonuses And Special Deals

As the best place to sell diabetic test strips online, also provides customers with a variety of special deals and bonuses.

Referral Bonus

Those selling test strips can earn a $10 bonus for every new seller they refer to the site. This means that for referring your friends and family members to the website, you can earn even more cash!

Bulk Pricing

Special pricing is available for sellers who offer upwards of twenty boxes of diabetic test strips on a monthly basis.

Veteran Pricing

All sellers who also work in the military also qualify for special pricing on the test strips they offer for sale. The folks at are grateful and appreciate your service.


If you are ready to sell your unused diabetic test strips, make some extra cash and help other diabetic patients gain access to testers for lower prices visit the and request a free mail kit today.

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