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More Cash For Test Strips – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy highlights the process associated with the handling of personal information by More Cash For Test Strips. This includes how it is used, collected, and/or shared after you visit the website and/or make a purchase.

Collection of Personal Information

When you take the time to visit, we have an all-encompassing algorithm designed to collect key data including everything associated with your device. This involves information that is sourced through the web browser including the time zone, IP address, and any cookies that have been installed via the browser or the device. When an individual goes through our website at, we collect relevant data based on specific products and/or pages that are viewed by the visitor. This can entail specific information such as the part of the website you visited, the search terms that were used, and/or any other interaction with the web page. The term used to describe this is automatically-collected information and it revolves around key data points including device information. We collect device information by using specialized technology including cookies. These are simple data files that are designed to work within your device and/or computer as a way to give your interaction a unique identifier. If you wish to learn more about what cookies are and/or how to disable cookies, please take the time to visit We also take the time to track actions that are happening on the website and link them to your identifier. This will include specific details such as your Internet service provider, date/time stamps, referring/exit pages, IP address, and/or browser type. The website will also use what is known as web beacons or tags. These are electronic files that are used to host specific information associated with the visitor. This is going to include any information that you have included while visiting the website such as your billing address, payment information (i.e. Zelle, PayPal), name, shipping address, phone number, and/or email address. This information that is collected by the website is known as personal information. Our privacy policy helps illustrate the process associated with this type of data collection and how it differentiates between various identifiers.

How Is Your Personal Information Used?

We take the time to not only understand the information but also get a comprehensive analysis of the order information to make sure it’s collected and stored safely. We do this by collecting information that comes through when you are filling out data for an order to be fulfilled. This is done by placing an order through The information that we are going to take the time to collect will include your shipping details, invoice details, and any other payment information that is submitted through the form. We do this to make sure anything that is being bought through the website is legitimate and both parties are satisfied with what is being done during the transaction. This is done on our end to make the shopping experience safer and it also helps alleviate risk/fraud for the customer. We take the time to also look through any preferences that you may have while visiting the website and remembering them for the next visit. All of the information that is going to be collected will be related to the advertising that is being done including specific products/services. We use device information that is done to help collect and screen for data that might be amiss or incorrect. One of the key data points that we look into is the IP address as this can highlight where the visitor is from and how it links to their shopping. All of this not only helps with the process but also makes it easier to optimize the website moving forward. A good example of this is when we take the time to generate specific analytics to better understand what a customer is browsing on our website and how they are interacting with This is a good way to not only make the web experience better but also make sure we can build a stronger advertising and marketing campaign moving forward. We share this data with third-party companies to maximize your personal information as listed above. We also share all of this information with Google Analytics as a way to better pinpoint what our customers are doing when they are on the website. To learn more about what this entails and why it’s important, please take the time to go through how Google utilizes personal data by visiting If you don’t wish for your data to be used in this manner, it’s possible to opt out of Google Analytics by visiting – We may also share personal data as a way to follow local laws and regulations. This can also be used to help deal with a search warrant, subpoena, and/or any other lawful request by the authorities when it comes to key information that we host. We can also use this information as a way to protect our legal rights. As mentioned above, we use personal data to also offer targeted advertisements and/or marketing communications that we believe are in line with your interests. To learn more about how targeted advertising works, please take the time to visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s page at Common links to include are Facebook (, Google (, BING( You can also feel free to opt-out of these services by taking the time to visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s portal at

At More Cash For Test Strips, we can be accessed at and our top priority is to make sure our visitors are fully protected online and everything is in line with privacy laws. This privacy policy helps illustrate what information is collated by the company and how it is used by More OCash For Test Strips.

If you wish to learn more about our privacy processes and how we go about dealing with personal information, feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and/or concerns immediately.

This privacy policy is only designated for online activities associated with the business and applies to those who are visiting our website. This pinpoints how the information is shared and/or collected by More Cash For Test Strips. This policy does not apply to any activity that occurs offline and/or through other channels that don’t include the website. Our privacy policy is a comprehensive look at what we do with the personal data and how it applies to you the visitor.


If you use our website, you are consenting to the Privacy Policy and all of its terms.

Information We Collect

All of the personal information that is asked for on our website and the reasons that come along with them are going to be listed to you when we ask for the information. This helps clarify what type of information is being given to us exactly when it happens.

If you reach out to us directly, we may also receive extra information about who you are including your phone number, name, email address, what is in the message, attachments, and any other information that is included in the data that has been given to us.

When you sign up for an account on our website, we might ask for contact information. This will include a list of details including your company name, name, email address, address, and/or telephone number.

How We Use Your Information

We use the information in a long list of ways including:

* Customize, Personalize, and Build Our Website
* Provide, Maintain, And Operate Our Website
* Development of New Services, Products, Functionalities, and Features
* Assessment Of How You Use Our Website
* Communicating INformation With You Through Our Team Or One Of Our Partners Including For Customer Service. This includes providing A Continued Stream of Updated Whenever Necessary Relating To The WEbsite And Other Marketing Material
* Prevention Of Fraud
* Sending Emails

Log Files

More Cash For Test Strips implements a rigorous procedure for the use of log files. All files collate information about when visitors visit the website. Hosting companies tend to do this as a part of the hosting service’s analytics. All of the data that is collected through the log files includes browser type, IP addresses, date, and more. It’s important to note none of this information is going to identify the individual. The only purpose is to get a better read on the visitor that is on the website and what their goal is during the visit. This also sheds light on specific trends that revolve around the visitor’s behavior online. It makes it easier to collect demographic information regarding your visit.

Third-Party Privacy

It’s important to understand how third-party advertisers and/or actors play a role in the sharing of information between websites and visitors. More Cash For Test Strips takes the time to have a clear-cut approach to the involvement of third-party advertisers. This includes having a strict quality control process when it comes to the way personal information is used when it’s accessed and the type of personal information that is shared through cookies. We advise you to look at not only our privacy policy but also the third-party ad servers to see what their privacy regulations are. This can help better understand what their practices are when it comes to sharing information and/or setting up cookies that collect this type of data. It can make it a lot easier to pinpoint when you want to opt out of the cookie and sharing of personal information on our website.

If you believe it is best to not have this type of information shared with another party, it’s best to take the next step of disabling the cookies. You can do this through your browser. If you want to learn more about cookie management and how to go about doing it through your browser, it’s best to look at your browser’s website. This will shed light on what is required to make sure you are not sharing information when visiting the site.

CCPA Privacy Rights

Based on the CCPA, California consumers have specific rights when it comes to the sharing of personal data.

The first right is any request made by a business collecting a consumer’s data will have to disclose which type of data is being collected. This includes the specific piece of personal data that is going to the business.

The CCPA also requires a business to get rid of any personal information about the customer that has been collected by the business.

It’s also required for businesses to not sell a consumer’s data without letting them know of it through a request. If a request is made, there is up to one month allowed to move forward with a response. If you would like to move forward with your rights, it’s best to reach out to us.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We would prefer to make sure you understand what your legal rights are when it comes to data protection. All users on the website are entitled to this.

You have the right to access it. This includes having complete access to the personal data being collected from you. To get this information, you might have to foot the bill for the mail fee.

You have the right to rectification. This means the right to request an edit for any information that is inaccurate. You can also request for information to be completed that might have been left out during the first time around.

You have the right to erasure. This means a right to request that any personal data we have can be erased.

You have the right to restrict processing. This means the right to request that any processing of your data can be restricted based on specific conditions.

You also have the right to object to processing. This means you can object to the processing of personal data based on specific conditions.

You have the right to data portability. This includes the right to transfer personal data that has been collected to another company or back to yourself.

If you do decide to move forward with one of these requests, we are going to take a month to get back to you. For those who wish to do this, feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you.

Children’s Information

A key part of our privacy policy involves the protection of children when it comes to Internet use. We recommend all parents and/or guardians pay attention to, participate, and/or monitor children when it comes to their online usage patterns.

More Cash For Test Strips does not purposely collect personal data from children that are under the age of 13. If you believe your child has been sharing personal data on our website, we recommend reaching out to you as soon as possible. We will make sure to remove this personal data from our system and records immediately.

Don’t Track

It’s important to note, we do not change data collection for More Cash For Test Strips and only use practices in line with regulations when we see the Do Not Track signal from a browser. Please note, you have to be above the age of 18 to access test strips and buy from More Cash For Test Strips.


We may decide to update this policy from time to time. This is to ensure our practices are in line with local regulations.

Contact Us

If you wish to learn more about our privacy practices at More Cash For Test Strips, feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to shed light on how our privacy interactions work and what you can do about it moving forward.


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More Cash For Test Strips is a customer-focused business located in Southern California. For close to a decade, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted and reliable company in the test strip industry, helping customers to trade their unused diabetic test strips for cash at amazing rates. Our commitment to the industry’s best practices and excellent customer service has helped us build trust and credibility within the marketplace. We work with customers from all over the country and we’ll be more than excited to offer you cash for your unused test strips.


Privacy Policy


We would like to welcome you to our privacy policy page. We’re here to explain how we use and gather information from our customers. This privacy policy outlines the steps involved in More Cash For Test Strips’ handling of personal information. This covers how your information is used, collected, and/ or shared when you visit the website and/ or purchase something.


If you decide to use our website, you must agree to the following policies.


We Value Your Privacy Here at More Cash For Test Strips

When you sell diabetic test strips to us, we will not share, sell, or rent your personal information to other parties. We will only use the information you provide to contact you with the information you have requested. In other words, your information will only be used to fulfill requests.


We may contact or call you from time to time to provide you with information about Test Strip Search’s services. We will respect your privacy if you request not to be contacted in this manner—just let us know.


What Our Privacy Policy Includes

Our privacy policy explains how we utilize your personal information and other information when you visit our website.


How We Collect Information

On this website, we collect information from you in a variety of ways.


Ordering and Registration

You may be required to complete an online registration form before you can use some parts of this website. You will be asked to provide us with some personal information during registration, such as your name, shipping and billing address(es), phone number, email address, gender, and credit card number, among other things.


In addition, so that we can comply with applicable rules and regulations, we may ask you for your country of residency and/ or your organization’s country of business. This type of personal data is collected for the purpose of billing, order fulfilment, communication with you about the status of your order, and internal marketing. We may use your information to contact you if we encounter any challenge while processing your order.


Information that are collected automatically

When you use the website or do business with us, we may automatically gather information about you, such as:


  • Transaction Information: When you buy or return a product, we gather information about the transaction, such as the product’s specifications, the purchase price, and the transaction’s date and place.
  • Log Information: We collect information about how you use our websites, such as the type of browser you’re using, access times, pages viewed, your IP address, and the page you were on before coming to this website.
  • Device Information: We gather information such as the hardware model, operating system and version, unique device identifiers, mobile network information, and browsing habits from the computer or mobile device you use to access our services.
  • Location: If you consent to the collection of this information, we may gather information about your device’s specific location. Each time you view our site, we may gather information about your approximate location.
  • Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to gather information about you and your interactions with this website, such as information about your browsing behavior, purchase behavior, and other engagement with the services. We use this information in one or more of the methods outlined in the section below titled “Use of Information.” By default, most web browsers accept cookies, but you can typically adjust your browser settings to refuse or erase cookies.


Information gathered from other sources

We may also get information about you from other sources, which we may combine or link with the information we already have. For example, if you log in to this website using your social media account credentials or make certain content and information publicly available, such as photos, videos, and profile information, we may collect demographic and change-of-address information from third-party sources, as well as information from third-party social media platforms.


What Form of Information Do We Gather?

In addition to what we indicated in the previous section, we collect the following information:


  • We gather information from our visitors to evaluate trends, monitor user behavior, track user location, and do other things.
  • When you use our website, we gather information such as your name, email address, and any other information you supply.
  • We keep note of your browser version, iOS, the pages you visit, the time and date of your visit, and other technical characteristics.


What Will We Do With the Information?

Use within the company

Your personal information is used to process orders and provide customer service. Your personal information may be used by us internally to improve the content and style of this website, to improve communication and for our marketing activities (including promoting our services and goods to you), and to ascertain general market information regarding those visiting this website.


Communicating with you

Your personal information will be used to contact you about this site, as well as your orders and deliveries. When you register with us, we may also send you a confirmation email. In rare circumstances when it is essential, we may send you a service-related announcement (for instance, if there is a need to temporarily suspend our service as a result of maintenance).


You may also provide your email address to enter a contest or sweepstakes, as well as to register for email newsletters and offers. We use your email address to send you information if you provide it. You may always unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving future emails from us. You cannot opt-out of getting emails linked to your orders since we must communicate with you about orders that you choose to place.


External use of the information

We do not sell, rent, trade, license, or otherwise reveal your unique personal information or financial information to anybody, except as stated below.


We may share information with third parties that help us with specialized tasks. However, we will only provide them with the knowledge they need to accomplish their job.


To complete your orders, we must transmit your credit card number to financial-services companies such as credit-card processors and issuers. When giving your credit card number to others, we will employ industry-standard security procedures, such as data encryption.


We may release personal or financial information in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal requirements. We may also reveal personal information to protect our rights, to ensure the enforcement of our terms and conditions or other agreements, or to protect ourselves or users. For example, if someone uses or attempts to use our site for illegal purposes or to conduct fraud, we may exchange information to lessen the risk of fraud.


What are Cookies and How Do We Use Them?

A cookie is a little file that is stored on the hard drive of your computer. It allows our website to recognize your computer as you navigate through our many sites.


Cookies allow websites and apps to remember your choices so that you may see content, settings, and functionalities tailored to you. They may also allow site managers to observe data such as how many people visit the site and which pages they frequently visit.


Cookies are used to:

  • Analyze the traffic on our website using an analytics program. As previously said, aggregated usage data assists us in improving the structure, design, content, and functions of the website.
  • Check to see if you’re logged in to our website. We use cookies to determine whether you are logged in to the site.
  • Use our website to test material. For example, half of our users might see one piece of material while the other half sees something else.
  • Keep track of your personal preferences. The website can then show you information that is more relevant and interesting to you.
  • Recognize you when you visit our website again. We may display relevant content to you or provide functionality that you have previously used.


Cookies do not give us access to your computer or any of your personal information unless you want to share it with us.


Cookie management

You may control how our website uses cookies by changing the cookie settings in your browser. Set your web browser to refuse cookies if you do not want our website to keep cookies on your computer or device. Please be aware, however, that doing so may have an impact on how our website performs. You may be unable to access certain pages or services.


Unless you have set your browser to reject cookies, our website may place cookies on your computer when you visit it.


Children’s Privacy is Important To Us

It is extremely crucial to protect the privacy of the very young. As a result, our website will never collect or maintain information from people we know are under the age of 18, and no aspect of our website is designed to appeal to anyone under the age of 18.


Our website and services are not available to children under the age of eighteen. We have no intention of selling products or services to children.



Our main aim is to keep all of our visitors’ personal information safe. We employ cutting-edge technology to keep your personal information and details safe while you’re with us.


To avoid illegal access, destruction, or disclosure of your information (such as username, password, and transaction details) and other information that we maintain on our website, we use the right data collection, storage, processing, and security measures.


The website and the users exchange confidential information via SSL security that is protected and encrypted by digital signatures.


Your personal information

We value your privacy very much. This notice explains our online information policies and the choices you can make about how your information is collected and used to further protect your privacy. By using our website in a way that leads to you giving us personal information, you agree to these terms.


Google Analytics

More Money For The Test Strips employs Google Analytics to track how visitors interact with the site. The tool collects regular Internet log information and visitor behaviour information in an anonymous form using “cookies,” which are text files installed on your computer.


Google receives the information created by the cookie regarding your usage of the website (including your IP address). Our data is then used to assess how visitors interact with this website and to produce statistical reports on website activity.


We will not use the statistical analytics tool to track or gather our website visitors’ personal information (and will not enable any third party to do so). Google will not link your IP address to any other information it has. We (as well as Google) will not attempt to connect an IP address to a computer user’s identity.


You can disable cookies in your browser by changing the necessary settings, but please keep in mind that you may not be able to enjoy all of the features of this website if you do so. By using this website, you agree to Google using your data in the way and for the reasons described above.


Other Types of Personal information That We Collect

When you visit our website, the IP address you used to access it, as well as the dates and times you visit it, may be recorded. This data is solely used to assess trends, administer our website, monitor users’ movements, and aggregate broad demographic data for internal purposes such as statistical analyses and website enhancement.


Most crucially, any IP addresses that are logged are not associated with any personally identifying information. Other types of information may be collected as well, as is the case with most websites. The source that directed you to our website, for example, is well-known. Similarly, the length of time you spend on our website and the location to which you go when you leave it can be recorded.


The type of operating system on the computer you are using to visit our website is another frequent piece of information we collect. The type of web browser is also frequently mentioned. This is standard data collecting, and it aids in the creation of a better end-user experience.


Another prevalent online practice is the use of cookies. Cookies allow us to tailor your use of our website, which improves the user experience. Simple data is communicated to your computer, allowing the content and experience to reflect your activities, preferences, and other factors.


You should simply assume that our website utilizes cookies and that you are free to alter your web browser settings to disable cookies or otherwise receive cookie notifications so that you can take any desired action you wish. By declining to accept cookies, you may be unable to enjoy certain of our website’s services, and other sections may become inaccessible to you.


Please keep in mind that providing personal information to anyone other than us or our suppliers is entirely voluntary. You might, for example, reveal anything in a blog post comment. We have no authority over that “private” information now that it has become “public.” Similarly, exchanging information with any other third party who is not a service provider to us places such information outside of our control and subject to the policies of that party.


The major reason we would collect personal data from you would be to conduct business with you. This is something we can use internally to better serve you. As a result, unless you have permitted us, we see no need to disclose your personal information to third parties or outside interests.


Of course, your information may be stored with third-party service providers, such as email service providers, because they provide industry-leading quality and security and are considerably more helpful to our end users than providing such services “in-house.” However, you are never compelled to deal directly with any such third party; their use of your information is limited, and they are unable to sell or transfer it to others in any way.


Your information, on the other hand, is a component of an overall whole. This collection of data, on the other hand, can be leveraged to gain a better understanding of our whole user base. Furthermore, at our sole discretion, we may disclose this information about our website visitors as a whole, rather than individually, to third parties for various purposes.


Even though we are fervent privacy defenders, there are instances when these ideals must be abandoned. Just as big search engines are forced to provide data against their will, our website may be forced to do the same. Illegal behavior or other serious activities or claims may expose our website to legal liability. We retain the right to publish your data in those circumstances, or we may be forced to do so by law.


On the other hand, to safeguard our interests, we may need to reveal your personal information at times. It may be required to reveal personal information in cases of suspected or claimed copyright violations or other personal property crimes.


The DoubleClick DART Cookie and Google Adsense

Cookies may be used by Google, as a third-party advertisement vendor, to deliver adverts on this website. DART cookies allow Google to deliver advertisements to visitors depending on their previous visits to this website and their visits to other websites on the internet.


To stop DART cookies, go to ads.html and read the Google ad and content network privacy policy. Users’ tracking using DART cookie technologies is governed by Google’s privacy regulations.


Third-Party Website Links

This website contains links for your convenience and reference. The privacy policies on such websites are not our responsibility. You should be informed that the privacy practices of these websites may differ from ours.


More Cash For Test Strips strives to supply clients with not just excellent products and services, but also a wealth of useful information. You may be directed to third-party websites to read some of this material. Again, we cannot be held liable for the private information or content of third-party websites. When leaving the More Cash For Test Strips website and going to another one, be cautious. If you have any concerns about another site’s privacy policies, we recommend that you review them.


Notice of Change

The contents of this page, like all of our legal and administrative notice pages, can and will change over time. As a result, the content of this page may change on your next visit. More Cash For Test Strips has been forced to make these adjustments to safeguard you and our More Cash For Test Strips website.


If you are concerned about the content on this page, you should check back frequently since no additional notification of altered content will be given either before or after the modification comes into effect.


Warning About Copyrights

An attorney meticulously crafted the legal notices on this website, including this one. For your and our safety, More Cash For Test Strips has paid to license the use of some legal notices and administrative pages on More Cash For Test Strips. This material may not be utilized in any fashion for any reason, and Copyscape is employed to track down violators.


What Happens If the Privacy Policy is Changed?

We have the authority to make changes to our website’s privacy policies. We will not inform our visitors of any changes to our privacy policies. As a result, we ask that our visitors check our privacy policy periodically for any changes.


Your Acceptance of Our Policies

You express your agreement to this policy by using this site. Please do not use our website if you do not agree to this policy. Following the publishing of modifications to this policy, your continuing use of the website will be considered your acceptance of these terms.


Questions and Remarks

Send us an email at if you have any questions concerning the contents of this page, or if you simply want to contact us for any other reason.