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Why should you sell your CGM system such as Dexcom’s G6 transmitters to More Cash For Test Strips Sell your CGM system and get paid fast! We offer top dollar for CGM systems including Dexcom’s G6 sensors and transmitters. As any diabetic patient knows, monitoring your glucose levels is a taxing but necessary lifestyle to ensure that your diabetes is properly managed. The traditional approach involves pricking your thumb which can become incredibly arduous over time. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a method that allows you to measure your interstitial glucose level in a much easier way. Although CGM systems make it easier to manage diabetes, it can be unbelievably expensive, especially when the supplies are not covered by insurance. At More Cash For Test Strips, we buy surplus CGMs at a good rate, so those who have to buy the systems out of pocket can save a lot of money. Don’t wait for your Dexcom’s G6 sensor to expire or rot in trash. Sell your CGM systems to us today and we’ll offer you the best price. What Is The Dexcom CGM System Composed Of? A Dexcom CGM system comprises three main parts, including the sensor, transmitter and a receiver. The sensor measures the sugar levels in your body by placing it beneath the skin, the transmitter sends data to the receiver which shows the real time glucose details. Each of these components has an expiration date. Get an instant quote online and submit your in-good condition CGM systems. We process and pay fast, using different payment methods, including PayPal, Cash app, Zella or Wire. All payments are processed within 1 business day after receipt of supplies. TERMS: Check that your CGM systems are in good condition before selling/processing. We only buy products that are in the best condition. We only buy products that have at least ten months prior to their expiration date. Ensure that items are safely shipped to avoid damage. More Cash for test strips has five-star rating with Google my business / has a five-star rating with trust pilot and is an A+ rating with BBB

Sell Dexcom G6 Transmitter

Sell your Dexcom G6 Transmitter To


If it says DME Only on the box it will pay out 70% of list price
and if there is no NDC number it will pay out 70% of list price

NOTE To receive full price for your diabetic test strips Boxes
must have 10 months or more on expiration date
an boxes in mint condition. Sell your Dexcom G6 Transmitter to us!

Boxes with 7 to 9 months left on expiration date will be 1/2 price

Boxes would dings and small paper missing will be 1/2 price

We do not buy damaged or boxes with less than 7 months on expiration date

Please allow us to remove the prescription label off your diabetic test strip boxes we will destroy them for you

Business hours are 930 to 630 Pacific time Monday to Friday have questions call or text 310-892-2808.  Sell Diabetic Test Strips to Us for the best price!