Sell Omnipod 5 Pack of Omnipod Pods

Omnipod (5 Pack Pods) Insulin Management System

Omnipod 5 Pack of Omnipod Pods

What is the Omnipod Management System?

The system consists of the Omnipod, which is a waterproof1 insulin pump worn on-body, and the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), which is a handheld device used to wirelessly control the Pod.

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NOTE To receive full price for your diabetic test strips Boxes
must have 10 months or more on expiration date
an boxes in mint condition.

Boxes with 7 to 9 months left on expiration date will be 1/2 price

Boxes would dings and small paper missing will be 1/2 price

We do not buy damaged or boxes with less than 7 months on expiration date

Please allow us to remove the prescription label off your diabetic test strip boxes we will destroy them for you

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