A Comprehensive Guide On Omnipod 5 & The Best Place To Sell It

Posted on June 27, 2022 at 03PM

Diabetes is a chronic health disorder that primarily affects blood glucose levels, and it sometimes calls for ongoing management since you must monitor blood glucose levels and administer insulin. High-quality technologies like the Omnipod system can facilitate this management and ultimately improve care for patients living with diabetes.

It can be frustrating to rely on insulin therapy to cope with diabetes. Being worried about blood glucose levels might result in a condition known as hypoglycemia anxiety, and studies have shown that stress may affect glycemic measures. Modern technology that automates care can improve glycemic control and overall quality of life.

Keep reading as this article explores the new Omnipod 5, its specific features, and whether it helps patients manage diabetes. You will also learn how to sell your 5-pack Omnipod and why you should consider selling your extra Omnipod 5 for more cash for test strips.


Omnipod 5: Definition & Explanation

The Omnipod is a waterproof, wearable, and tubeless insulin pump created by the Massachusetts-based Insulet Corporation.

Based on Insulet, its devices, commonly known as pods, are an excellent substitute for conventional insulin pumps and a highly effective technique of insulin therapy. The company claims the Omnipod implements proprietary Pod Therapy technology to deliver around three days of continuous insulin delivery without requiring multiple injections.

These pods can provide you with personalized doses of fast-acting insulin depending on the rates you input into a Personal Diabetes Manager device. You can also combine a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with Omnipod technology to form an automated insulin delivery (AID) system.

Also known as a hybrid closed-loop system or artificial pancreas, an AID system can help imitate the function of a healthy pancreas. Several studies show that automated insulin delivery systems may significantly improve diabetes management in children, adolescents, and adults.


What Are Some of the Features?

Here are some of the critical characteristics of the Omnipod 5:

  • Wearability. Users can wear the somewhat discrete pods in most places where they’d normally inject themselves. The pod typically holds around 85 to 200 units of rapid-acting insulin; people may wear them for up to 3 days.
  • Waterproof. Users may wear this device in water at depths ranging up to 25 feet and for about 60 minutes. That means using the device in the shower or while swimming is safe.
  • Accessibility. The newer versions allow people to use their smartphones rather than a PDM when controlling the device.
  • Tubeless. Since the pods don’t have tubes like typical insulin pumps, people are allowed more freedom of movement.
  • Personalizable. As opposed to other 1st generation AID systems, the Omnipod 5 enables users to adjust their glucose targets to match their specific requirements.
  • Pod Therapy. It’s a unique feature that enables people to wirelessly program their insulin, eliminating the need for multiple daily injections.
  • Smart algorithm. Typically, the program can learn a person’s needs and determine when to make necessary adjustments. If a user connects their pod with a CGM, the device will adjust basal insulin rates depending on present and estimated blood glucose values. It’s one of the excellent features that users love.
  • Adaptive learning. Fortunately, the system also learns a person’s requirements after the first 2-3 Pods, with the aforementioned smart algorithm ultimately making more aggressive self-adjustments depending on results during the previous several days. Setting up a new foundational basal program will take around nine days.
  • Talking to CGM. Insulet’s medical director and senior VP, Dr. Trang Ly, says the Omnipod 5 must preserve a “line of sight” with the Dexcom CGM. In other words, the Bluetooth-enabled Pods should be able to send signals to the Bluetooth G6 sensors. This requirement necessitates wearing the Pod and G6 sensors on the same side of the body to prevent connectivity issues.


How Does It Work?

You might wonder how the Omnipod works or whether it works. Although the Omnipod 5 AID system has not yet received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), early studies prove it might significantly improve glycemic measures in patients living with diabetes.

Insulet funded a 2021 multicenter clinical study that concluded that the Omnipod 5 system might significantly enhance diabetes outcomes in kids and seniors. After three months of utilizing the system, the participants showed:

  • Reduced rates of hyperglycemia
  • Reduced rates of hypoglycemia
  • An increased time in range
  • Significant improvements in HbA1c levels are primarily responsible for measuring average blood sugar levels over the past 2 to 3 months.

The study suggests that the device can also improve the general quality of life. Statistics also show that 92% of adolescents and adults and 99% of kids chose to continue utilizing the Omnipod 5 after finishing the trial.

Insulet also funded a 2021 outpatient evaluation that showed that the Omnipod 5 system is safe and performs incredibly among people between 6 and 70 years old at all target glucose levels. Moreover, a 2021 article outlines the Omnipod 5 system’s safety in young children with type 1 diabetes. That said, you must not forget that Insulet funded the study, and some of the authors are linked to the company.


What’s the Difference Between Traditional Pumps & Omnipod 5?

Insulet claims that its Omnipods can provide you with steady control of pump therapy without requiring tubes.

And since the Omnipod system is tubeless, it might offer many people a highly convenient and lifestyle-compatible choice. Some users also find it assists in avoiding the feeling of being tethered to a device.


Are There Benefits of Using Omnipod?

As previously stated, the Omnipod 5 offers numerous benefits. Here’s a breakdown of some of the advantages:

  • Since Omnipod is typically a tubeless insulin pump, you don’t have to fret about carrying plastic tubing or getting multiple daily injections as opposed to traditional insulin therapy.
  • The needle and cannula that administer the insulin directly to your skin are usually hidden from your sight and are painless.
  • You can wear the Omnipod discreetly under your clothing to prevent others from seeing it.
  • The PDM typically comes with in-built dosage calculations enabling you to easily monitor your food consumption without being stressed over mealtime math.
  • The therapy implements a Bluetooth-enabled controller dubbed PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager), which consists of an easy-to-navigate design and a sensitive touchscreen.
  • The solution consists of a “Find my PDM” feature that enables users to track and locate their handheld controller whenever it’s missing.
  • The insulin Pods are also waterproof so you can bathe, shower, and swim with it without fear of damage.


How Can You Get One? Who Should Consider It?

Insulet suggests its products best suit patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes. According to the company, the small medical device may aid in simplifying diabetes management and is an excellent substitute for injected insulin therapy.

To obtain an Omnipod system, you must fill out a details form and undertake an insurance benefits investigation. A doctor may prescribe a system once the person is satisfied with the options and prices. Furthermore, new users may organize a training session on using the system in a clinic or virtually. The Omnipod website also offers detailed information for caregivers on how to access a system for a loved one.


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You might be questioning whether you can purchase your Omnipod without insurance. The short answer is Yes! The Omnipod insulin management system typically costs $30.00 for each pod and $800.00 for the PDM. Remember, you need to have a prescription to buy Omnipod Dash products.



Omnipod is a tubeless constant insulin infusion device that generally works as an insulin pump. Users can utilize this medical device to aid in automating their fast-acting insulin therapy.

People can also bring together Omnipod technology and a continuous glucose monitor to form a hybrid closed-loop system – this mimics the role of a healthy pancreas. Studies prove these systems may help improve diabetes management and overall quality of life.

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