Diabetes Can Be Positive Too: Here’s How

Posted on November 24, 2021 at 08AM

The number of people with diabetes in the world has skyrocketed so much with about 9 percent of the US population living with diabetes mellitus.

Life with diabetes is mostly one filled with highs and lows, as you try to keep your blood sugar stable. It can be filled with frustration and a lot of stress making finding a reason to be happy a draining ordeal.

However, these are a few reasons you can look back on an especially frustrating time and smile.

You Are Still Healthy

With diabetes, you can be healthier than you’ve ever been. The limitations aren’t as constricting as some other diseases and the options you have to adopt such as regular health checkups and screening help you adopt a much healthier lifestyle and stop habits that damage your health like drinking or smoking. It also helps with weight and lipid monitoring including regular exercise, forcing you to pay better attention to your health.

You get regular health checks for life—that’s a win on many levels!

It Doesn’t Hold You Back So Much

Diabetes is really a struggle between you and your pancreas, but as terrible as it can be, it allows you the freedom to do a lot of things. Your diet might have to be watched closely but in other aspects, you can definitely kick ass.

Having to regularly monitor your blood pressure doesn’t stop you from having a job, having a family, having a hobby or side-hustle, going to school and having fun while at it.

So, the next time you feel down, take pride in the things that you love to do and how much effort you’re putting into it.

You Can Get a Community

Everyone needs support to continue living and keep their heads up. Living with diabetes can be draining to do alone especially when you live around people who do not fully understand what it means to live with diabetes, the kind of support you require and how frustrating it can be.

Speaking to people who are going through the same thing as you, seeing how they fight on and win, how they keep things going one day at a time might be what you really need to give yourself a boost and keep going.

There are many diabetes communities and support groups, both online and offline, where you can find people who are giving it their all like you. All you need to do is search, find them, join and get the support you need.

A Healthier Diet

Diabetes Can Be Positive Too

Diabetes holds you to healthier eating habits with the need to stop eating highly processed and refined carbohydrates that spike blood sugar levels and consequently lead to high insulin levels in the blood which can be damaging in many ways. With this, you realize the goodness and deliciousness of healthy low carb foods, helping you to improve both your taste and health while cutting down on unnecessary costs.

You Can Be Nicer To Yourself

Most of the time, without even knowing it we tend to be unkind to ourselves in our thoughts and actions. Taking necessary breaks or refusing stressful requests may be hard to do without giving ourselves many reasons.

Diabetes can be that reason. It teaches you that you can’t control everything and that it’s okay to be kind to yourself, to cherish yourself, put yourself first and rest when you need it.

It helps to find a reason to do things you love and find relaxing to prevent stress hormones that can worsen your insulin resistance. It also gives you an excuse to say no to stressful requests from people that you would normally have a hard time refusing. In the end, you’re kinder to yourself and you win.

You Can Blame Diabetes

Diabetes gives you a free pass to most things. Meals, work, outings and everything you need to make excuses for. Not for bad behaviour though! To state examples, on those days where you’re given meals you don’t like or aren’t in the mood for, diabetes can be a shield, allowing you to refuse and blame diabetes. If you have a party you aren’t up for, using diabetes as an excuse may not be such a terrible idea either. You win either way.

You Get To Be A Badass

Having diabetes and yet being able to do so much with your life. Not letting it stop you or hold you back from achieving the goals you’ve set out to is an achievement in itself.

Life can be pretty exhausting but battling life with diabetes gives another meaning to strength itself. So when you’re juggling so many things with diabetes, allow yourself to feel that sense of pride and satisfaction. You’re one sure badass and you’re amazing at it too!

No Terrible Hangovers

While alcohol may be tempting, especially during a party, get-together or on particularly bad days, hangovers are the absolute worst. With that splitting headache, oversensitive hearing, and every single thing that feels like hell at that point, definitely nobody loves to experience it.

With diabetes, you’re less likely to consume alcohol to the point of a terrible hangover since alcohol is bad for you. It contains a lot of calories and makes controlling your blood sugar quite difficult, causing it to rise or fall depending on how much you drink and how your body reacts.

You Don’t Have To Stop Your Sweets

There’s a myth surrounding diabetes, about how it’s caused by sugar and how your sugar intake should be nonexistent after you’re diagnosed. Diabetes isn’t directly caused by your sugar intake, the association between them isn’t that simple.

When you’re including a bit of sweets in your meal, another high-carb part of the diet may have to be substituted with something with fewer carbs or calories.You also don’t have to completely stop any sweets that you love, it just requires a little extra planning than an average person.

You Get Used To Needles

Almost everyone has that latent fear of needles and all the pricking that comes with it. Overcoming our fears is always a good thing and with diabetes, no matter how much you try, you can’t run away from needles.

The constant need to monitor your glucose level even when you’re on the go or at home means that you need to keep pricking your finger. On the bright side, you get used to the pricks from needles making it easier for you to continue with it. You’re such a badass for that!

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