How it Works

Find How Much Your Strips Cost

Inspect your boxes of test strips that you would like to sell. Make sure they are factory sealed, not damaged and have at least 10 months left before expiration date. Boxes with 7 to 9 months will payout half. 50% of current prices
We cannot accept boxes with less than 7 months. If you send Damaged boxes they will be Discarded NO Pay Out
We will remove and destroy all prescription labels to protect your personal information. Any damage to boxes may greatly lower the value or disqualify your products and removing labels normally causes damage !!
From our test strip “Price List” find the exact picture with the same  name, color of box that matches the brand you have.You can enter more than one brand of  test strips you have available. This is where you will also see how $$ that you will get for your strips.

 STEP 2 
Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the price list page. Your free postage-paid mailing label or kit will arrive in 1-5 days.
Pack your unused boxes and drop them off at the Post Office. Once we receive and verify your order, you’ll get your Cash ASAP.
NOTE Do Not Remove Labels, let us do it. 

Why waste perfectly good test strips?
Don’t let those extras go to waste!
$CASH$ them in quickly and easily. Find How Much Your Strips Cost Now!