More Cash for Strips: Sell Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

Diabetic Test Strips

Is it illegal to sell diabetic test strips?

Yes, Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips Is Legal. Selling your test strips is legal because they can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy or drugstore. Even if you were prescribed those test strips, you can still sell diabetic test strips for cash. This practice is perfectly legal, and actually helps people at every step of the process.

Several Reasons Why People Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Cash
There are many reasons why people sell diabetic test strips and they do get money for them. If they no longer need a certain type or they are not using them anymore, they will be able to sell them for money. is a company that will buy diabetic test strips from people. They will offer a good amount of money for them. People are excited that they have somewhere to sell them to. Here is more information about

Several Reasons Why People Sell Diabetic Test Strips 


With, there are reasons why people sell diabetic test strips for cash. They will get their money’ worth when they sell them to the company. There are certain things that they will need to remember when dealing with in order to receive their money. Here is what a person needs to know:


  1. Inspect – It’s important that they inspect their boxes of diabetic test strips. They will want them to be correct. They should take the time to check their supply and look through the ones that they do not need anymore. Since they can do this easily, they will be able to inspect them in no time at all.


  1. Wrapped Properly – Make sure that the diabetic test strips are wrapped properly. They need to be factory sealed and not damaged. The company will not accept any damaged or opened test strips so a person needs to be sure that they only are enclosing good ones. Call @310-892-2808 if you need to sell diabetic test strips for cash.


  1. 10 Months To Expiration – They should make sure that there are 10 months left until the expiration date. They will receive half-price for strips that expire in 7 – 9 months. No boxes will be accepted that are less than 6 months or damaged.


  1. Price – Check the price list to see what price will be paid. This is easy to do from the pictures and the name in the company’s database. People love that it is a simple process and they have the information that they need in no time at all.


  1. Form – Fill out the form correctly. It’s important that a person take their time while they are filling it out so that they do not make any mistakes. They also need to make sure that everything is filled out that needs to be and the form needs to be submitted.


  1. Kit – In about 3 – 5 days a kit will arrive in the mail. The postage is paid and a person will then put their test strip boxes in the package. They will then take them to the post office. It is very simple and easy. Once completed, they will receive their money in 1 day after the order is verified by the company. This is why people sell diabetic test strips to


Drop Off Locations

The company also has several drops off locations if people prefer to drop them off in person. They can look at the company’s website, for more information. Gives Cash, We Pay More For Your Diabetic Test Strips

As a company that pays cash for diabetic test strips, also cares about those that are less fortunate. People that do not have health insurance can be helped by the test strips that are sold to them for cash. That is why so many people sell their test strips to They not only are getting money for the test strips that they are no longer using but they are also helping someone that is less fortunate than them. It’s something that people can be proud of and they sell their test strips to because they know that they can trust this company for the money that they deserve to receive for the diabetic test strips and to do the right thing all around.


More and more people are selling their test strips to because the process is so simple and easy. They love that they are able to get their money in only 1 day. Since they are the best company in the industry, people are telling other people that they know to sell their diabetic test strips to them also. It makes sense, to sell test strips for money with this company.